About Us

We are the Eastern Seabord's Waste and Demolition Provider

I-95 Disposal Services is an American-owned, waste and demolition services provider. In Portland, Boston, Providence, New Haven, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Fayetteville, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami and every town in between, you can count on I-95 Disposal Services to provide the waste disposal and demolition services you need when and where you need them most.

We provide reliable, affordable services to customers all along the I-95 Corridor, from Miami, FL to Bangor, ME. No more shopping around and coordinating services from multiple providers. We save you time and money by providing a wide variety of waste and demolition services from a single source.

We are committed to protecting the environment. At I-95 Disposal Services, we adhere to all government regulations and best practices as part of our commitment to preserving the environment.

We make every effort to build strong alliances with vendors who value our guiding principles and can provide the best solutions for our company in the short and long term. We continuously innovate in the way we acquire goods and services to maximize our efficiency and overall business sustainability. We are constantly looking for alternative solutions to meet the needs of our customers most efficiently.